States Looking To Reduce Waste

A number of states are looking to introduce new legislation pertaining to waste reduction and recycling. Here are just a few of the bills being proposed around the country right now:

  • Maine: Is looking to establish a fee of ten cents for one-time use plastic bags provided to customers at retail locations. The bill provides the business owner to keep a percentage of the fees with the rest being used for the state’s Plastics Recycling Fund.
  • North Carolina: Wants to set recycling minimum standards for communities with a goal of twenty five percent minimum recycling rate for all waste generated by the municipality.
  • California: Is proposing that regulated beverage distributors participate in a take back and recycling system for empty bottles. Additionally, for bottle manufacturers, the bill would require that the materials contain no less than thirty five percent of post-consumer recycled material.
  • Iowa: Is looking to expand the kinds of beverages containers regulated under the state’s current bottle bill. The proposal would include noncarbonated beverages, juice, and water.
  • Louisiana: Similar to Maine, Louisiana is looking to impose a five cent tax on plastic bags for retail consumers.
  • Pennsylvania: Has introduced a bill that prohibiting municipal solid waste or construction debris from being landfilled within a one mile radius of community water systems.
  • Washington D.C.: In an effort to encourage food and organic waste composting, the proposal of a fee for food waste disposed of in landfills is being considered.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you’re a business owner or facilities manager, it pays to be aware of the legislative proposals happening in your state and county. Recycling and reducing waste isn’t a fad that’s going to go away, so it’s better to be ahead of the curve and prepared of changes that will happen in the years ahead.