Packaging Facility Hit With EPA Fines

A packaging facility in Dudley, Massachusetts must pay the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) four hundred and eight five thousand dollars in fines for various hazardous waste violations at both the federal an state level. The company, Shield Packaging, maintains a aerosol and liquid packaging operation.

In 2012, based on a routine inspection, it was identified that rules pertaining to hazardous waste management, chemical reporting and inventory, accident prevention, and oil pollution had been broken. Endangering not only the environment, but members of the local community and employees of the company. Shield had failed to create and implement a risk management plan for hazardous substances at the facility and did not have an updated record of chemical and toxic substances used or stored on-site. Keeping updated inventory is essential for providing to emergency responders such as fire, police, and medical in the event of a spill, explosion, or on-site accident. Chemical inventory lists are required under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act which is a federal regulation.

Shield co-operated with the EPA during the investigations and has already made some of the required updates and enhancements. They are required to file a time-line plan for completing the remainder of the compliance items and will be monitored by the local EPA to ensure successful completion and on-going adherence to the federal and state hazardous waste and environmental protection regulations.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your facility manufacturers, stores, or uses any form of chemical, toxic, or hazardous waste, it is essential that you follow your state and federal regulations. If you’re uncertain of the laws, it’s your responsibility to get educated and do right by your community and employees. Failure to do so will result in substantial fines, legal proceedings, and bad publicity!