Fast Food Chain Tries Composting Food Waste

The popular fast food restaurant chain White Castle is preparing to try a pilot program for composting food scraps and other organic waste at six locations throughout the Columbus, Ohio region.

The locations participating in the test program will recycle all uneaten and unused food waste and paper products. The collected refuse, which will range from coffee filters to hamburger boxes to all food products, will be composted by a locally-owned Ohio-based company. The compost that results from the program will be used for landscaping throughout each White Castle property and will also be available for sale by the general public to use in gardens, yards, and commercial landscapes.

The trial will run for six-months, and if it is determined to be successful in terms of waste collected, cost savings for landscaping, and reduction in waste disposal fees, then the chain will consider expanding the program to additional locations throughout the country.

This latest “green” program isn’t the first for White Castle, the company also decided to make the switch to recycled paper bags and materials as part of their environmental sustainability plan.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you’re in the restaurant business, there are many ways you can save some green by going green. Recycling more, composting, and cutting back on your garbage production is a smart move that may also earn some some positive publicity for your efforts!