Zero Waste Certification for Businesses

The United States Zero Waste Business Council has started a third-party certification program to verify zero waste status for businesses of all sizes located within the country.

The Zero Waste Business Council is a not for profit organization located in California that was created in 2011. The organization’s goal is to work with businesses wanting to achieve zero waste goals by diverting waste materials from local landfills and incineration options by reducing consumption, reusing materials throughout their natural life-cycle, exploring recycling and re-sale opportunities  and composting organic waste and food scraps. The organization requires a minimum diversion rate of ninety percent for zero waste classification.

The group recently awarded zero waste classification to Whole Foods Market grocery stores in the San Diego area. The organization also offers educational tools for businesses and community groups interested in learning more about the importance and process of achieving zero waste status. The group hopes to provide some much needed credibility and verification to claims of “zero waste” allowing consumers to develop trust that the statement is more than simply marketing language used by businesses eager to be seen embracing environmentally-friendly trends.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business has already started down the road of reducing waste and increasing recycling, looking into certification programs may be your next smart move in setting your offerings apart from your competitors!