Boston Schools Focus On Recycling

Earlier this month, all Boston Public Schools began switching to a single-stream recycling method for their cafeteria, classrooms, and office areas, and used National Green Week as a way to promote and publicize the event.

Assisted by the Green Education Foundation, students in all three hundred and twenty two Boston Public Schools spent National Green Week learning about and joining in activities, lessons, and games to get ready for the switch to single stream recycling and what it means for their school, their neighborhood, and the global environment.

Boston Public Schools are part of the city’s “Greenovate Boston” program, a municipal policy initiative that targets those living and working in the Boston area to reduce, reuse, and recycling with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by twenty five percent  by the year 2020.

The change to the single stream recycling method will take place gradually over the course of the school year.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: What is the school system in your community doing to promote recycling and cut waste disposal costs? Every day, schools generate a large amount of paper, food, and plastics material waste. Make sure your child’s school is doing everything it can to teach good environmental awareness and practice what they preach!