US Leads In Waste Generation

A recent research study conducted through the Conference Board of Canada showed that the United States and Canada are responsible for generating the most waste material per person out of sixteen countries.

Canada had the poorest performance of the countries under review, producing over seventeen hundred pounds of municipal waste per person for the year 2008. The United States was close behind as the second worst performer with an average of sixteen hundred pounds per person for the same year.

The Board assigned letter grades to all countries involved in the study. The United States and Canada were given a D for their levels of municipal waste. Japan, on the other hand, produces half the amount of waste as Canada, was given a grade of A. Norway and Sweden closely followed Japan with low rates of waste disposal.

The other countries that participated in the project were Sweden, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, and Switzerland.

WasteCare Wants you to Remember: Everyone wants to be a top place winner, don’t they? But placing in the top tier for municipal waste production is not the best honor to receive! What is your community, business, or home doing to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Change doesn’t happen overnight, but with small steps big goals can be achieved. Are you doing all you can to save money on trash disposal and reduce the waste that is sent to landfills?