Pennsylvania Offers Recycling Grants

The Environmental Protection Department for the state of Pennsylvania has recently announced that it has provided almost eighteen million dollars in grant funding to one hundred and thirty one counties and municipalities for developing new and improving existing recycling programs in the communities they serve.

The grants will provide for close to ninety percent of the recycling costs and those areas that are considered financially impoverished will be eligible for additional funding to cover unmet costs.

Community recycling projects that received funding include ideas such as: establishing composting facilities; creating online educational programs about recycling for residents, schools, and business consumers; enhancing existing processing operations, providing recycling vehicles with data collection tools, improving or establishing curbside recycling opportunities  and distributing educational materials throughout the community.

Officials from the Department of Environmental Protection firmly believe that increased recycling efforts can help to preserve the environment while improving the regional economy and that local involvement is essential to program success.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Is your town or community making the most of the recycling opportunities available? Whether you’re a public or private entity, funding does exist to help with the launch “green” initiatives. The smart town administrator or business owner is one who knows how to find these opportunities and harness them for the benefit of the organization!