Composting On The Rise In New York

Local government administrators in Sullivan County, New York are currently conducting research and evaluation of best-practices for composting food scraps and other organic wastes. After analysis of last year’s waste disposal practices for residents and businesses located in the county, it was determined that approximately seventeen thousand tons of organic materials and food waste was disposed of in the county landfill.  This amount had stayed consistent over the past several years of data collection.

As it is expected that New York State government will pass legislation making state-wide waste regulations more stringent in the coming years, Sullivan County officials are considering a move to adopt a  county-wide food and organic waste composting program similar to the one currently in place in bordering Ulster County. The Ulster County plan has been in place for several years and is considered success at reducing the amount of tonnage sent annually to regional landfills.

Sullivan County’s plan may include a collection and compost facility at the centralized landfill  which would require individuals, business  or wast haulers to bring organic waste in, an at-home program for residents who would like to compost at home, or a combination of both options.

The county expects that eliminating the seventeen thousand tons of food waste would save close to ninety thousand gallons of gasoline each year in waste disposal transportation costs.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: More and more municipalities are looking to add composting of food scraps and organic waste materials to their roster of services. Not only does it reduce space needed in landfills and fees paid in waste hauling, but some enterprising communities make money by selling the organic compost to buyers eager to nutrient-rich soil for their landscaping and gardens!