Developer Pays Fine for Clean Water Act Violations

Massachusetts real estate developers have recently agreed to pay fines for Clean Water Act violations as a result of the construction of a new residential housing development in the town of Uxbridge.

The charges were brought about by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a result of a routine inspection of the area. It was shown that the developers allowed storm water to be discharged without securing the required permits for several years and that ineffective measures were in place for ensuring that pollutants being released into the water were minimized.

Because the housing construction was occurring on more than one acre of land, the developers were required by law to apply for permits. As a result of this failure to comply, a fine of twenty four thousand dollars was levied against the business.

The necessity of the permits is due to the fact that rainwater coming from construction sites will carry sediments, oils and pollutants which can easily contaminate streams, ponds, and other water sources while clogging drains and causing flooding. A one acre home construction site has the potential to discharge as much as one hundred and fifty tons of sediment per year.

The EPA provides training materials to builders and developers to ensure that compliance is maintained and that all involved understand the importance of storm water regulations.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: The EPA makes training materials readily available to all so that your next construction project is executed in compliance to environmental regulations  Failure to follow these rules can end up costing you more money than if you have simply followed the law!