Recycling Contests Boost School Participation

Public schools in Providence, Rhode Island have boosted their recycling rates by almost twenty percent since September thanks to educational resources from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and some good, old-fashioned competition.

Over the summer months, the city’s school administration designed the contest called the School Recycling Challenge, which tracked the success of each the district’s schools in a contest to see which students had the best participation and which building could recycle the most. The winners would receive a trophy and special recognition from Providence Mayor Angel Taveras.

Since launching the year-long contest, recycling rates have jumped more than seventeen percent with some schools recycling more than four pounds per student. In addition to student participation,  teachers, school staff, and administrators are also active in recycling their waste materials and keeping morale high.

The School Recycling Challenge is part of a citywide recycling campaign which has a goal of increasing recycling throughout Providence.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Who says recycling has to be all stick and no carrot? If you’re looking to increase your school’s or business’  recycling rate, why not try a contest? An incentive can help to start the recycling habit!