Businesses Embracing E-Recycling

The technology industry is constantly releasing new products that consumers wait in line to buy, and that high demand for brand new equipment is creating an opportunity for those in the business of e-recycling last year’s unwanted model.

Both businesses and individuals want data-safe and environmentally sound methods to dispose of their old computers, and smart e-recyclers can earn money collecting gadgets, dismantling them, and re-selling the parts for the materials they are made of.

As the national economy improves, more and more businesses will replace their older computers and cell phones, and generate a steady volume of materials for those in the recycling industry.

While many think that scrap metal is the most lucrative of the recycling sectors, scrap electronics saw sales grow by thirty percent in 2011 and is expected to have similar returns this year as well. Many businesses in this sector have added employees and expanded facility space in 2012 which points to an increase in work and demand.

However, as with any recycling niche, standards must be upheld and enforced. For electronics, the Responsible Recycling Practices certification established by manufacturers and the EPA is becoming a requirement for ensuing recyclers adopt best-practices for recycling electronics, employee safety and data security. While certification does cost money and time, many recyclers are making the effort as a way to distinguish themselves in the expanding market.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Unlike scrap metal, glass, or plastics, electronics waste often contains data that must be safely and securely removed. While expanding your business into e-waste can bring an added level of training and expense, in the long run it could help take advantage of this opportunity!