Mandatory Recycling Goes To Vote

In a bold and progressive move, Prince George’s County in Maryland is strongly considering increasing the county’s recycling goals and to accomplish such, may decide to legalize mandatory recycling for all residents in order to attain the recycling standards.

Voting will happen soon for the County Council to determine if there is sufficient support for establishing a countywide material waste recycling goal of forty five percent by 2015, with incremental increases to reaching a recycling goal of fifty five percent by 2018 and sixty percent by 2020. These would be some of the most aggressive recycle rates in the country which currently has an average recycling rate close to thirty five percent.

If the new policies pass the vote, property owners of condominiums, apartments, commercial buildings, and industrial properties must make recycling services available to tenants no later than 2014. Under the current rules, the recycling responsibility is placed on residential homeowners with recycling being an optional service that non-residential owner may choose to provide.

Composting is also included in the new plan, which would be piloted in 2014 then expanded throughout the county in 2015.

Prince George’s recycling rate for 2011 was forty percent and is considered above Maryland’s required recycling minimum. However, the neighboring county of Montgomery has a recycling rate of forty seven percent and citizens have requested that more work be done to have their county perform at similar levels.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Recycling is everyone’s responsibility whether you own a commercial building or home or simply choose to rent a retail space or apartment. What is your local government doing to make sure recycling services are available to all?