States Report Increase In Material Waste Recycling

With landfill space being in short supply, more and more municipalities are increasing their efforts to boost the recycling rates in their communities. Here are a few examples of recent success stories:

  • Virginia’s recycling rate is now at close to forty-four percent with four million tons of materials either recycled or reused annually. This amount is up considerable from 2005 when the state’s recycling rate was a little over thirty-two percent. The community of Vinton has the highest recycling rate in the state, with over sixty-six percent being diverted from landfills. The materials recycled include paper, plastic, metals, glass, yard waste, waste tires and electronic waste.
  • The state of Oregon recovered close to two and a half million tons or fifty-two percent of its waste generated in 2011. The per capita annual disposal rate decreased almost four percent to twelve hundred pounds per person. These are the best reported numbers since Oregon began reporting on waste disposal and recycling in 1992. Of all the waste materials recovered, sixty-five percent was recycled, nineteen percent composted and sixteen percent incinerated.
  • Miami-Dade County, one of the largest in the state of Florida, reported an increase in its curbside recycling program, collecting almost sixty-three thousand tons of recyclable materials. This is the fourth straight year that the county has had an increase in recycling amounts. Residents in the county recycle paper, metal food and beverage containers, cardboard, narrow-neck plastic bottles with their caps and lids, milk and juice cartons, and glass bottles.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Community recycling is on the rise because not only does it help to save the environment, but it also helps to save taxpayers money! What is your municipality doing to promote recycling of material waste?