Advances Made In Sustainable Tires

Could the days of disposal fees to dispose of used and waste automotive tires soon be a thing of the past? Bridgestone Corporation recently announced that it has developed a tire created with one hundred percent sustainable materials. This advancement is part of the manufacturer’s┬ácommitment┬áto fully adopting sustainable materials usage by 2050. The new tire was shown to the public and industry representatives at the Paris Motor Show held earlier this fall.

The tire is manufactured from natural rubber originating in the hevea trees and plant fibers. in addition to synthetic rubber and chemical agents that are derived from vegetable fats and oils as well as biomass.

The next step for Bridgestone is to develop the production technology needed for mass production. The company is hoping for a consumer launch in 2020. Bridgestone acknowledges that moving to sustainable materials will allow the company to continue production far further into the future than otherwise.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Science and technology is progressing every day and objects like tires that were once thought impossible to make “green” are now rolling in that direction. Are you staying up-to-date in waste recycling and sustainability in your business sector? You could be losing “green” every year if you don’t!