San Francisco Posts Record Waste Recycling Rate

The city of San Francisco, California recently announced that it has met an eighty percent waste recycling rate for diverting materials from landfills. This rate is the highest for all similar-sized municipalities in the United States.

The new percentage rate is up two percent from the prior year and eight percent from 2009. The high rate of waste recycling can be attributed to the wide variety of waste materials that are collected. In addition to metals, plastics, and paper, food and yard waste is also collected for composting. In analyzing the 444,000 tons of waste material that the city disposed of in landfills last year, it was determined that half could have been waste recycled or composted.

City officials firmly believe that not only is recycling great for the environment but that it’s also beneficial for the local economy due to the number of jobs that the boost in recycling has created. The city’s goal for 2020 is to become the first zero-waste municipality in the country.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: The City of San Francisco is a great example of what a town, business, or individual can achieve when a goal is defined and steps made to  attain it. Waste recycling can help you to help the environment and your local economy!