Towns See Profit From Waste Recycling

The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation is distributing close to two million dollars worth of recycling profits to the state’s towns and cities.

Administrators from the recycling facility at state’s central landfill distributed the funds from recycling profits last month as part of a publicity event and celebration to encourage more communities to participate in the waste recycling initiatives.

The funds distributed to the communities is a percentage of the total profits earned by the Resource Recovery Corporation through the sale of recyclable materials processed at the recycling facility.

A total of thirty-nine cities and towns received funds that ranged from twenty-two thousand dollars to more than two hundred thousand dollars. The profits are determined after subtracting the recycling facilities’ operating and capital expenses from the profits earned through the sale of the recycled materials. This year, the profit came close to four million dollars.

Rhode Island’s recycling rate is close to twenty two percent, and the distribution of profits is used as an incentive to encourage greater recycling as a way to lower taxes and increase community funds.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: When establishing or improving a recycling program, it always helps to incentivize participants. When those who are responsible for the recycling of materials know they’ll receive rewards for their behavior, there’s a greater chance they’ll embrace recycling!