More Bans For Polystyrene

San Rafael, California is ready to become the fifty-seventh community in that state to pass a city-wide polystyrene ban for food take-out containers. The city is home to approximately two hundred and fifty businesses and a population of fifty-five thousand that will be impacted by the ban.

The new rule, which begins October 1 of next year, requires a final vote that will take place this month. The initial vote passed 3-0, with two members not voting, and is expected to clear the final vote. Currently, there are fifty-two California cities having polystyrene restaurant packaging rules, and the number increases every year. Most of the affected businesses and consumers live in the proximity of five urban areas: Oakland, San Francisco, Fremont, Salinas, and Hayward. Over ninety percent of California residents still have access to and can use this form of food packaging.

The San Rafael ruling will apply to one-time use polystyrene containers such as plates, bowls, trays, cups, lids, and hinged containers. Meat packaging, coolers and ice chests, and food prepackaged outside of city limits, and certain utensils are exempt from the ruling.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you’re in the food or restaurant business, it pays to look at alternatives to polystyrene packaging. With more cities adopting rules against this product, it’s in your best interest to identify cost-effective alternatives, ways to increase your waste recycling efforts, and how to decrease your waste disposal charges!