Textile Waste Recycling In Philadelphia

Citizens in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will soon be able to recycle unwanted and pre-owned textiles with a new curbside recycling program administered by textile recycling company Community Recycling and the hauling and waste disposal business, George Leck and Son.

In the business partnership between the two local companies, George Leck and Son will include textiles as part of its curbside recycling services for its customers and Community Recycling will purchase the clothes, handbags, shoes, belts, cloth, and other textile items.  Community Recycling then sorts and prepares the materials for resale, reuse, or recycling  to companies and manufacturers wanted recycled textiles throughout the United States and abroad.

According the Environmental Protection Agency, thirteen million tons of textile waste was produced last year. However, only two million tons of that was recycled – the rest was disposed of in landfills.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Innovation and partnerships are important to helping your business go green and save green. Take a look at what you routinely place in the trash – do you see an opportunity to move from waste disposal to waste recycling?