Cell Phone Self-Serve Waste Recycling

Recycling old cell phones can result in small financial windfalls for consumers while providing manufacturers with recycled metals and plastics. However, the process can often be cumbersome and inconvenient as a result, less cell phones are recycled. However, a new system is being implemented in Texas with the introduction of self-serve cell phone recycling kiosks.

Produced by the California-based EcoATM, the self-serve kiosks, which resemble large ATM cash machines, will accept cell phones and small electronic devices from customers and provide cash back depending on the make and model. Dozens of these kiosks will be placed in shopping malls throughout the state.

Based on the success of the Texas project, the kiosks will be making their way to malls and shopping centers throughout the rest of the country next year.

Three years of testing self-service recycling in California yielded very positive results and high consumer response. The most often cited benefits were the instant gift card payment and the ease of use not found in other cell phone recycling programs.

The EcoATM machine also addresses security issues in that it erases all data from the phone or device when the customer accepts the offering price. Approximately seventy-five percent of the collected devices are re-furbished and re-sold. The rest are recycled for their metals and plastics.

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