Hazardous Waste Violations Result In Penalties

A metal plating manufacturing business in Cedar Rapids, Iowa will pay almost twenty thousand dollars in federal fines and violating the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Electro-Coatings which uses chrome, zinc, and nickel in its plating operation, must also spend over one hundred thousand dollars to update its facilities to include technology designed to reduce the amount of hazardous chrome generated as a by-product of their operations.

The Environmental Protection Agency filed the charges of hazardous waste violations against the manufacturer in 2011. All businesses that generate or utilize hazardous waste must comply with federal and state regulations for management, storage, and handling of toxic waste. Failure to follow these regulations can result in harm to the environment and human health.

The business is responsible for generating over one thousand kilos of toxic waste every month, placing them in the business regulation category of large quantity producer. Regulations vary based on the amount of hazardous waste generated every month. Electro-Coatings was charged with violating storing hazardous waste beyond ninety days without proper permits, improper container management including lack of labeling and sealing, lack of sufficient emergency equipment and employee training, insufficient risk planning, and operating without permit a hazardous waste facility. As a result of the settlement agreement, the business is now in compliance with all regulations.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business involves hazardous waste be sure you’re compliant with all state and federal regulations. Failure to do so not only harms the environment, but can harm you, your employees, your reputation, and your bank account!