From Waste to Kitchenware

Natural Home Products is using wasted bamboo sawdust to manufacture a line of earth-friendly, nontoxic kitchenware including utensils and bowls. The dust is combined with rice starch and a plant-based binder to make Moboo, also known as molded bamboo. The combined powder is molded and compressed in four colors: pistachio, cherry, natural and charcoal.

Sold through Target stores, Moboo products have been popular with consumers who want to buy inexpensive green products. The molded bamboo offer the convenience and easy care of plastic but is all natural and environmentally-friendly.

In addition to the utilizing Moboo, Natural Home’s kitchen gadgets and tools also incorporate recycled stainless steel, recycled cotton, recycled glass, and recycled fabric in their utensils, oven mits, mixing bowls, measuring cups, and cleaning cloths.

Products are available for sale directly through the company’s website or at Target stores.

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