GreenCheck Your Real Estate Renovations

Are you interested in making sure that your renovations and updates to commercial and industrial real estate property meet current guidelines and follow best practice? Take a look at GreenChecks from the Environmental Protection Agency. This checklist serves as a guide for “greening” real estate projects and tracking compliance with federal requirements. While designed for federally used buildings, the guide can be used by any business looking to improve the environmental impact of their building. The list addresses everything from new construction to renovation of existing structures.

Topics include waste management, energy consumption, sustainable materials, use of renewable energy, water consumption and storm-water management, and indoor air quality. Each topic provides suggestions for meeting the federal environmental requirements for sustainability.

While the GreenCheck system was created in 2007 it is updated annually to ensure that the latest regulations and innovations are represented. It is a system that is continually revised so as to provide building managers and contractors the best-practices needed for creating and maintaining environmentally friendly commercial buildings.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: While the GreenCheck program applies to federally owned and operated buildings, there’s something that everyone can learn, and maybe even apply, from this checklist. Every step to make your building more “green” can also help to save you “green”!