Recycling of Old Business Computers

Chances are your office has a few old computer monitors that have been collecting dust in a storage closet. You may even have an old television set that was retired as well. When the time comes to clean out your storage space make sure you properly dispose of those pieces – both computer monitors and televisions contain lead which can classify them as hazardous waste. Other toxic substances found in these pieces of equipment include arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. Simply putting these unwanted pieces of equipment in your dumpster will contribute to contamination of the environment and in some states land you will a fine or penalty.

In order to safely dispose of unwanted monitors or televisions first contact your local transfer station or local government to see if they have designated “drop-off” days for electronics, and if so, what types of equipment they will be accepting.  If your community isn’t offering such a service, you can also connect with many of the large electronics chain stores such as Best Buy, Office Depot, and others to see if they offer drop-off recycling programs.  For television sets, provides a list of locations that accept old or unwanted sets.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Giving the office a thorough cleaning is something you should undertake regularly. Make sure that unwanted materials are classified and removed properly – separate what can be recycled from what is waste, and be sure to create a put aside all waste material that is potential hazardous!