A Cleaner Environment

The United States EPA offers an innovate new resource to help businesses, individuals, or purchasing representatives purchase high performing, cost friendly, environmentally -safe cleaning supplies and products.

This program, Design for the Environment, labels approved products which can then be found through traditional and on-line stores. Products are also listed on the EPA’s website along with information about the manufacturer. The website allows you to sort through the list depending on your cleaning and product needs. Products include both those appropriate for institutional as well as domestic use.

Products with the Design for the Environment label have met a stringent review process for every ingredient included. Purchasers can feel safe and trust that they are making a smarter and safer, but equally effective, choice for cleaning than using harsh, toxic chemicals.

Design for the Environment also accepts new products for review. If you’re business is involved in environmentally-safe cleaning products, participating in the approval process will allow you to display their logo and help your brand achieve greater credibility.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Environmentally-safe cleaning products can be equally as tough on dirt, grease, and grime as their hazardous counterparts. Make the safe more for your employees, family, and the environment and make the switch to safer alternatives!