Taking Care of Pesticides

Chemical and hazardous wastes such as commercial pesticides have been collected by individual states and municipalities for over 20 years. In the past, these programs were typically limited to individuals and residences – businesses using commercial pesticides such as pest control, landscapers, ranchers, and growers were not allowed to participate. However, some locations throughout the country are beginning to enact chemical collection and recycling programs geared specifically to these groups. You would need to check with your state or local EPA or Department of Agriculture to see if your area participates.

As commercial pesticide and chemical recycling is not uniform through the country, which business sectors can participate vary depending on the state and are often funded through commercial pesticide registration fees that business pays, the nation EPA, and state funds. The collection method for these programs is similar to recycling efforts for electronic waste – one day or weekend long events where business can drop off their waste. The chemical waste is then collected, secured, and transported to a facility with a contained high temperature incinerator. Destroying the chemicals in this manner prevents seepage into groundwater and the soil.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business relies upon commercial pesticides and other chemicals, investigate chemical disposal programs in your area. Proper disposal can help us to save the environment and may reduce your disposal costs!