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Two Yard Steel Container Holds roughly 8 - 10 yards of Compacted Trash

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                        2-VOC - 2 YARD VERTICAL COMPACTORS

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2 Yard Vertical Outdoor Compactor - Standard Features

115V-Single Phase
Twin 3” Cylinders
Two Stage Pump

2 Yard Vertical Outdoor Compactor - Options

Ozone Sanitizer
3 Phase Power Unit
Through The Wall Chutes
Additional Colors Available
Right/Left Side Control Panel

Note: Our Compactors Preliminary Considerations Checklist may be helpful

Great for Parking Garage Applications where the Compactor can be positioned in the garage and the containers rolled out to the hauler area for tipping.



2VOC - Specifications

Container Capacity 2VOC-CAP 2 Cubic Yard
Ram Face 2VOC-RFC 27" x 48" (69cm x 122cm)
Ram Pressure @ 2000 2VOC-RPR 28,300 lbs.
Cycle Time 2VOC-CTI 28 seconds
Twin Cylinders 2VOC-CYL 7" Bore, 37.5" Stroke, 1.5" Rod
Motor 2VOC-MTR 2 hp
Pump 2VOC-PMP Two Stage
Electric Power 2VOC-PWR 115/230V-1Ph-60Hz.
Oil Capacity 2VOC-OIL 6 Gallons
2VOC - Dimensions
Loading Door Opening 2VOC-LDO 85"x 24"
Overall Height 2VOC-OHT 102"
Overall Depth 2VOC-ODP 58"
Overall Width 2VOC-OWD 95"
Shipping Weight -Compactor 2VOC-WTC 3,250 lbs.
Shipping Weight -Container 2VOC-WTB 740 lbs.