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Commercial Trash Compactors

Compactor - Loading &  Unloading
Compactor Bags Compactor Container Compactor Use

1. Use Heavy Duty bags (obtained through us or from your local supplier).

2. Line the inside container with a bag and then slide the container back into chamber area (with Handle facing outwards).

3. The trash is loaded in the front of the compactor.  Continue loading trash in the compactor and pressing  'Start' to cycle the  compactor (compaction) until the compactor is full at which time it will signal that it is full.

Compactor Unloading Compactor Cube Compactor Handcart Removal

4. When full, lower compaction plate with the press of a button and then hook the ejector strap on top of compaction plate.  Then, by raising the compaction plate, the container is ejected onto the platform of a carrying cart or liftcart. 

5. Seal trash bag with tape.  Lift / remove the container sidewalls from the bottom tray portion of the container.  The result is a cube of trash sitting in a tray with a handle which can easily be transported to the dumpster.

6. Transport compacted trash to dumpster.  Elevate handcart platform to appropriate level.  Brace tray of container against dumpster and tilt tray of trash towards dumpster.  If necessary, slightly push compacted trash to make it fall into dumpster.


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