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Start Up Procedures and Installation


This on-line manual is not intended to be a substitution for the manual that came with your compactor. This on-line users manual does not contain all of the information included with the manual that comes with the purchase of a compactor. It is the responsibility of the installer to install in accordance with applicable codes, local ordinances, and the manufacturer's recommendations. Call WasteCare at 888-200-4100 888-200-4100 with any questions before attempting installation.

In this section...

Mechanical Setup
Electrical Requirements
Final Installation and Testing

Mechanical Set-Up

IMPORTANT: All involved personnel should study the manual that comes with the compactor, and not rely solely on this on-line user manual. Study the installation instructions carefully for complete understanding of all requirements and instructions before proceeding. Be certain that all safety guards and safety devices are in the proper place to protect personnel and equipment during and after installation.

NOTE: The compactor is intended for indoor usage where temperatures are controlled.

NOTE: Installation of the compactor should be done by trained technicians only, to insure safe and trouble free operation.

Careful consideration should be given to the location selected for the compactor. The location should have a level floor and adequate electrical supply within reach of the power cord. (Refer to the Electrical Requirements section for more information.)

Inspect the overall condition of the compactor for damage during transit.

Locate the compactor in its designated operating area and lock the caster brakes to prevent any movement of the compactor during the compaction cycle.

Using a screwdriver, open the upper service panel.

Visually inspect for leaky hydraulic connections, loose electrical connections and loose or missing bolts.

Remove the plastic plug from the top of the oil reservoir and replace it with the black breather cap that was shipped with the compactor.

WARNING: Operating the compactor without the breather cap installed may void the warranty.

Close the upper service panel and replace the screws which secure it.

Electrical Requirements

The compactor comes standard from the factory wired for single phase service, for either 115 or 230 VAC - 60 Hertz. The compactor will arrive wired for the operating voltage specified at the time o f purchase. If the voltage must be changed, refer to the section entitled Changing Voltage in the service section of the manual that came with your compactor.

The compactor must be connected to a properly installed and inspected branch circuit.

Use the National Electrical Code along with the following information to determine the proper wire size and branch circuit.

75 HP Single Phase Motor

Smallest Unit

115V 230V
Operating 14 amps 8 amps
Surge 15 amps 10 amps
NEMA Recommended Circuit Size 15 amp 20 amps


1.0 HP Single Phase Motor Medium Size Unit
115V 230V
Operating 14 amps 9 amps
Surge 15 amps 12 amps
NEMA Recommended Circuit Size 15 amps 20 amps


1.5 HP Single Phase Motor

Largest Unit

115V 230V
Operating 17 amps 11 amps
Surge 19 amps 12 amps
NEMA Recommended Circuit Size 20 amps 20 amps

NOTE: The incoming voltage must be the same as the unit voltage, and the circuit must be capable of handling these amp requirements.

NOTE: Low voltage will result in contact and motor burnout, and will void the electrical manufacturer's warranty.

Receptacle Requirements

Small/Medium Size Units

Voltage Nema Receptacle
115-Single Phase 5-15
230-Single Phase L14-20

Largest Unit

Voltage Nema Receptacle
115-Single Phase 5-20
230-Single Phase L14-20R

Final Installation and Testing

Warning! Do not test this unit until you have completely read and fully understand the instruction in the user manual that came with your compactor. Make sure all access covers are closed and secured and all safety devices are engaged. Before proceeding with this test, make sure all persons are clear of the compactor.

Read the section in the users manual (that came with your compactor) entitled Operating Controls to become familiarized with the control panel and function of each selector position and button.

After making sure that the voltage is correct, plug in the power cord.

Using the key that was shipped with the compactor, turn the selector switch to AUTO and push the START button. The compaction plate should make one complete cycle and stop at the top. (If not, push the emergency stop button and refer to the Troubleshooting section of the manual.) Cycle the unit several times to make sure that everything is operating correctly.

With the selector switch turn to AUTO, push the start button and check to see that the compaction plate stops whenever the loading door is opened. The compaction plate should not start again until the loading door is closed and the START button is pushed.

While the compaction plate is cycling, push the EMERGENCY STOP button to be sure the machine shuts off.

With the compaction plate stopped somewhere in the mid cycle, turn the selector switch to UP. As long as you hold the switch in this position the compaction plate should move to the top of the chamber and stop.

WARNING: Opening the loading door while the selector switch is turned to UP will not stop the compaction plate. - KEEP HANDS CLEAR.

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