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Smart-Pack, Automatic Compacting Receptacle
Main Features, Options & Accessories


WasteCare talked to our customers, their patrons, operators within numerous industries (and their employees) to find out every imaginable issue related to trash. 

All of this input was taken into consideration when designing WasteCare's new Smart-Pack. 

There is finally a solution to trash!
The Smart-Pack!



Compact trash in the dining area...
It just makes sense!



  • Complete Machine UL Approved = Safety

Numerous built-in safety features, complete UL approval and many years of incident-free use by patrons and employees worldwide help to validate the level of safety incorporated in the Smart-Packs 

  • The Smart-Pack Team has over 30 years experience manufacturing compactors and balers  = Quality & Reliability

    Our team is known worldwide for products that are designed and built for quality, reliability and longevity.  Design and manufacturing experience includes over 25 models of compactors and balers. 

  • Automatically compacts trash = User Friendly

Compacts automatically based on customer traffic flow

  • Various Exterior selections such as Laminate = More Decor Flexibility

Approximately 20 'standard' laminate selections

Over 300 'alternate' laminate selections

Easily replaceable for a nominal charge in the event of decor changes

  • Smart-Pack Sanitizer System = More Payback Flexibility

With the Smart-Pack Sanitizer System, Smart-Packs in lower traffic locations can continue to accept trash for up to 1 week without having to be emptied, free of odor concerns. In addition to allowing lower volume locations the opportunity to achieve excellent paybacks in the same manner as high volume locations, this feature also addresses odor and sanitation concerns that are normal with trash bin areas in general (even when the regular bins are constantly being changed).

  • High Powered Compaction Capabilities = Solid  Payback Benefits

Many years of experience are combined to yield the most compaction force with the quickest compaction cycle.

  • Trash Volume Reduction = More Revenue Producing Capabilities

The Smart-Packs allow more opportunities and flexibility with marketing programs that would otherwise generate too much trash to handle.

  • Traditional Trash Bin Mode = Peace of Mind

Even under unusual circumstances such as power outages, Smart-Packs can be adapted so that they are available for your patrons' waste deposits.

  • Adjustable Settings for Trash Capacity = More User Convenience & Flexibility

The weight / volume of the compacted trash (when the unit signals "full") can be adjusted by user controls.

  • Stainless Steel chamber area = Easier cleaning and added longevity
  • Waste Deposit Door Automatically Opens
    Patron Convenience
  • Waste deposit door automatically opens
  • Stays open until waste deposit is complete
  • Physically challenged patrons, parents holding children & students carrying books no longer have to struggle to throw away their trash
  • Less spills and "misses" when trash is deposited means less clean up and less risk of 'Slips and Falls'
  • Customers appreciate you are offering them a more sanitary way to discard their trash
  • High quality, Time-proven Automatic Door Opening Technology = Extra Reliability

Two time-proven technologies combined for added reliability

  • Automatic and Manual Compaction = User Flexibility

Whenever there is a desire to manually compact the trash, it just takes a turn of a knob.

  • Yes! The Smart-Pack Talks! = Revenue Producing Benefits 

With the Programming System, you can increase revenues by advertising desserts and specials in a new and innovative way! Advertisements play while customers throw away trash or at timed intervals decided on by you!  Show your local town spirit by playing announcements about local events on your Smart-Packs! Also, use the Programming System to entertain your dine-in patrons.

  • Software driven
  • Versatility by using 'wav' / sound files
  • Designed for Single and Multi-Unit Applications

* The Smart-Pack comes standard with the ability to play messages, however the Promotional Message System, used to change the messages is optional.

  • Liftcart allows for easy 'no-handling' system
  • Check volume of messages with Test Buttons
  • State-of-the-art, built-in diagnostics
  • Very quiet operation 
  • Completely Welded Chamber for longer life
  • Easy-to-Clean Interior & Compaction Plate
  • Non-dedicated, 115V - 15 Amp Circuit
  • Smart-Packs are quick and easy to unload
  • Reliable, Trouble-Free Operation
  • Outdoor Model / Package 
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Extended Warranty Coverages are available

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