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Smart-Pack, Automatic Compacting Receptacle Benefits

Does your dumpster
look like this?


Do you want your
dumpster to look
like this...
neat, clean, &

  • Reduces dumpster
    tips by up to 50%

  • Can eliminate dumpster

Overflowing Dumpster

Neat/Sanitary Dumpster

  • Compacted trash
    is containerized
    and can reduce
    vermin & rodents
    around dumpsters
    and within the
  • Improved Labor Productivity & Efficiency

Usually Smart-Packs become full no more than 1 time per day, therefore they can be emptied on a scheduled basis during daylight and off-peak hours. Time consuming trips to the dumpster can be dramatically reduced when waste is compacted where it is generated. This not only reduces labor requirements for waste processing, but also greatly improves overall labor productivity since daily 'work routines' can become more refined. With typical trash profile, the equivalent capacity of up to 10 or more of the 25-gallon (regular) trash receptacles can be deposited in each Smart-Pack before being emptied. Employees can use this saved time tending to customers rather than trash duties.

  • Improved Risk Management

A reduction in trips to the dumpster by employees can help reduce the risk of pilferage, robberies, excessive breaks and unattended customers. Since Smart-Packs help address leakage problems associated with regular bins, the risk of 'Slips and Falls' can be reduced. Fire hazards, due to temporary trash storage (while awaiting dumpster trips) can also be reduced.     

  • Improve Sanitation and Enhanced Image

Containerized, compacted waste is cleaner, safer and neater. Unsanitary trash spills and overflows are reduced or eliminated inside the establishment and around dumpsters. Customers no longer have to experience the horrible sights and smells that are common with regular bins (especially when emptied). In addition, keeping trash compacted and contained reduces vermin and rodents around dumpsters and inside the establishment. A cleaner, fresher dining environment invites more customers.    

  • Incredible Savings & Payback

Waste Hauling Savings

Loose, non-compacted trash can occupy up to 20 - 25 times more dumpster space than compacted waste.   Waste hauling costs can oftentimes be reduced by as much as 50% or more, due to a decrease in dumpster tips & fewer and/or smaller dumpsters. 

Labor Savings

When used properly each Smart-Pack has the potential to reduce trash related labor requirements by as much as 1 - 2 hours per day per Smart-Pack. General labor and lack of productivity attributable to trash related duties and associated tasks (such as constant demands of overflowing trash bins and mopping up leakage from the dining area floors) can be replaced with much more productive uses of time (such as tending to customers and revenue producing activities). For example, a regular trash bin that has to be emptied or tended to after approximately every 40 - 50 customers' (waste deposits) would translate into an average of about 400 - 750 customers before the Smart-Pack reaches "full" capacity or needs to be tended to.  And this does not include the extra employee attention that is normally required for regular trash bins as a result of 'leaks and spills' and trash bin overflows. When utilized and cared for properly, each Smart-Pack has the potential to produce direct labor productivity benefits that can be significant.   

Bag Usage Reduction

Replace the use of approximately 10 - 15  liners with only one heavy duty bag used with the Smart-Packs (and this is assuming that the regular bins are only single-lined).  Substantial savings can be realized.

Return on Investment & Capital Savings

Considering labor productivity benefits and and waste hauling savings alone, paybacks can be less than 2 years (not to mention tax benefits, depreciation and other savings and benefits).  By leasing, immediate savings may be realized in the very first month. Under normal conditions, the Smart-Pack should last many years longer than traditional trash bins.

Daily Amortized Net Benefits (Investment vs Benefits)

With proper use, a Smart-Pack investment of $2 to $4 per unit per day can yield paybacks of $8 to $10 per unit per day, with potential net daily benefits of around $4 to $8 per Smart-Pack 

Smart-Packs offer many other advantages:

  • With the Smart-Pack Sanitizer System, Smart-Packs in lower traffic locations can continue to accept trash for up to 1 week without having to be emptied, free of odor concerns. In addition to allowing lower volume locations the opportunity to achieve excellent paybacks in the same manner as high volume locations, this feature also addresses odor and sanitation concerns that are normal with trash bin areas in general (even when the regular bins are constantly being changed).
  • The weight / volume of the compacted trash (when the unit signals "full") can be adjusted by user controls.
  • With the Programming System, Smart-Packs can easily broadcast messages of your choice to customers. Simply download existing or custom-made sound files into the Smart-Pack. This is a great source of advertising and entertainment.
  • The Smart-Packs allow more opportunities and flexibility with marketing programs that would otherwise generate too much trash to handle. 
  • Even under unusual circumstances such as power outages, Smart-Packs can be adapted so that they are always available for your patrons waste deposits.
  • Automatic and Manual compaction capabilities.
  • More............

A new means of advertising desserts, specials, and local events.  Attracts new and repeat customers!  Children love the
"talking trash bin"!


Owner/Operators benefit...

  • Reduce labor for trash related tasks by up to 75% or more
  • Save up to 50% on Waste Hauling
  • Save up to 30% on trash liners
  • Save 25% on capital for trash receptacles in many cases
  • Reduces the risk of robberies, pilferage, excessive employee breaks and unattended customers.
  • Frees up dining area space to allow for more guests (one Smart-Pack can replace several conventional bins

Employees LOVE Smart-Packs!...

  • Customers have less 'resistance' to  throwing away their trash which reduces employees time in cleaning tables.

  • Employees can tend to customer service rather than trash tasks

  • No longer have to touch unsanitary trash & deal with leaking trash bags

  • Employees like the 'no-handling' system of trash removal

  • Employees keep higher morale since trash related duties can sometimes feel degrading.

Patrons benefit...

  • No longer have to push on an unsanitary waste deposit door to throw away trash
  • Dine-in customers have much less chance of exposure to the horrible sights & smells associated with trash related tasks of employees.
  • No longer have to witness the trash bins constantly being emptied while dining
  • No more trash bin overflows in dining area or dumpster overflows in and around the parking lot. 
  • Employees can focus on customers rather than trash
  • Creates a cleaner, more presentable dining atmosphere
  • Friendly, inviting messages can sound as waste deposits are made by patrons. This is a great source of advertising or entertainment.

Physically Challenged Patrons benefit...

It is much easier for physically challenged patrons to throw away their trash.  The waste deposit door opens automatically and remains open for the duration of the waste deposit.

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