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Super HIGH POWER mega baler - 60" Vertical
Incredible Power, Speed and Output

This is a workhorse baler that produces cardboard bale weights of up to 1500 pounds.  With a cycle time of only 35 seconds, this baler works hard for you to output more bales in less time.  If your facility outputs a lot of recyclable or waste materials then this baler may be the one for you.  This baler is not only ideal for large amounts of cardboard, but also for core tubes, radiators, aluminum siding, steel, PET, cans, textiles and much more.

                        60-4065 - 60" VERTICAL MEGA BALER

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The Power & Speed of this 60" baler is ideal for:

  • Core Tubes (up to 1,300 lb bales)
  • Radiators (up to 1,600 lb bales)
  • Aluminum Siding (up to 2,300 lb bales)
  • Stainless Steel (up to 3,000 lb bales)
  • Cardboard (up to 1,500 lb bales)
  • PET (up to 1,000 lb bales)
  • Aluminum cans (up to 900 lb bales)
    Clothes (up to 1,500 lb bales)
  • Scrap Metals and more.....

With the capabilities of this Baler, it is ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where very high output and performance is needed from a Vertical Baler.

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60" Mega Baler Comparison to other 60 inch balers

Mega Baler Specifications
Nominal Bale Size 60" x 30" x 48"
Bale Weights (see above) up to 1500 lbs OCC
Average Cycle Time 35 Seconds
Bales Per Day 8
Ejector System Semi-Automatic
Compaction Force lbs. 150,000 lbs
Motor HP 40
Voltage 208, 230, 480
Pump GPM 47
Normal System Pressure PSI 3,000
Cylinder Bore 8"
Cylinder Stroke 65"
Hydraulic Tank-Capacity Gallons 100
Height 161 inches -(13.4')
Depth (with Door Open) 132 inches - (11')
Width 80 inches (6.7')
Weight (with Power Unit) 12,000 lbs


*Other Features Of the Mega Baler

60-4065 >> ETL Listed (see Electrical chart above) & Meets ANSI Z245.5
60-4065 >> Counter Balanced Feed Door - 'Easy Open'
60-4065 >> Safety Interlock Circuit on Bale Door and Safety Gate
60-4065 >> Soft Shift, Low Shock Hydraulic Circuit
60-4065 >> Custom Bale Ejection System for Styrofoam
60-4065 >> Customized Chamber
60-4065 >> Designed for easy installation


*Other Options of the Mega Baler

Option Number


Slotted Discharge Door


Single Phase Motor


Full Bale Light


Oil Heater


Front Feed Chute


Rear Feed; Front Eject


Rear Feed Wire Guide


Weather Cover


Floppy Dogs


Custom Color


60" Mega Baler Diagram -  60-4065

Mega Baler Diagram - Vertical 60 Inch 


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Performance may vary depending upon application.

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