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This super high density baler offers a tight, dense bale while taking up little space in your facility.   It is great for aluminum cans, plastic bottles, HDPE and more.  By utilizing the optional draining package, you have the convenience of capturing and containing liquids which can be hooked up to your drainage system.  Perfect for the small space or small facility.




Super High Density 30 Inch Baler with Liquid Extraction

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           30-XHD - 30" SUPER HIGH DENSITY BALER


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This 30" Super High Density Vertical Baler is another innovation that will give you the extra power that is needed for extra dense bales of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, shrink wrap, textiles, clothes, HDPE and more.  In addition, this baler has an optional 'Liquid Draining Package' that allows it to drain and bale bottles and cans that contain liquids. By adding the 'Liquid Draining Package' it means that the process of baling bottles and cans containing liquids can be approximately 6 - 7 times faster.  An Optional Sump Pump can also be added for continuous draining.

This Baler is specifically designed for Plastic Bottles & Aluminium Cans


  • Four slots for tying bales
  • Safety Switches
  • Meets or Exceeds ANSI & OSHA Safety Standards

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Think about the benefits of being able to bale 4,000 aluminium beverage cans or 2,000 plastic beverage bottles into one small recyclable cube (30" x 16" x 24") ...

Each bale can be produced in about 15 minutes

Bottle Can Crusher with Bale Shown                      Super High Density Small Baler  

Note: The photo's show the Liquid Reservoir Drain Pan which is not included unless the Liquid Draining Package is purchased. (The liquids from the containers collect in the liquid reservoir pan which can then be diverted to a nearby drain by way of the coupler that is provided. As an an alternative for handling larger amounts of liquids a submersible sump pump can be placed in the drain pan area so that the liquids can be pumped out on a steady basis. Suppliers such as Grainger and many others carry these type of sump pumps so they are readily available worldwide for a just a few hundred dollars.   .

30" Super High Density Baler Specifications

Bale Size 30" x 16" x up to 24"
Cubic Feet (Bale Size) 6.7

Bale Weights:
-Aluminium Cans
-Plastic Bottles

-Shrink Wrap

up to 180 pounds
up to 250 pounds
up to 250 pounds
up to 300 pounds
Up to 275 pounds

Average Cycle Time (With 4 second Dwell time) 50 Seconds
Compaction Force (lbs) 56,550 Pounds
Normal System Pressure PSI (4 sec dwell timer) 2000 PSI
Platen Pressure 118 PSI
Cylinder 6" Bore, 4" Rod,  48" Stroke
Motor 15 HP TEFC
Pump GPM 12.8
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 22 Gallons
Electrical Power 208 /230 /480 Volt, 3 PH
Bale Ejection Semi-Automatic (Chain)
Bale Tying Wire or Twine
Optional Liquid Reservoir  50 Gallon (Accepts a 2" Pipe Coupler)


30" Super High Density Baler Dimensions

Chute Door Opening 30" W x 14 H"
Overall Height 130"
Depth (including Reservoir) 37"
Overall Width (excluding Reservoir) 84"  (Add additional 12" with Liquid Draining Pkg)
Depth with door open 85"
Actual Weight 3,350 Pounds
Installation and Operating Area 40 Square Feet
Other Options: Sump Pump System; Single Phase Power