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This 72" baler compresses it's bales at a high speed rate.  If your processes are fast and efficient and you need a baler to produce at the same speeds to keep up, then this baler is your answer.  This balers speed and efficiency can handle most high rate production needs.

High Speed Baler - 72 Inch Vertical


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                       72-HSVB  - 72" HIGH SPEED VERTICAL BALER

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Whenever high speed is important, this FAST Baler can make it happen.  This 72" high speed workhorse baler combines speed with efficiency for any high production applications.  It offers awesome force with two 5" heavy duty cylinders and a 20 HP motor for achieving fast speeds.

Other Standard Features of this 72" High Speed Vertical Baler (Model 72-HSVB):

  • The powerful twin 5" cylinders with heavy duty rods produce very dense bales
  • Unique hydraulic circuit for high speed applications
  • Standard retractable bale dogs for maximum containment of material
  • Standard voltage electrical disconnect included
  • Enclosed counterbalance for lifting ease of the upper door
  • Dual hydraulic ejection for bales that are extra dense
  • No fluffing or pre-processing of material is required
  • Operates under a 10 foot ceiling
  • Six slots for tying bales

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72" High Speed Vertical Baler Specifications

Bale Size: 40" x 72" x 39" Height
Bale Weight: Corrugated: Up to 1,100 lbs.
Ram Pressure: 98,125 lbs.
Twin Cylinders: 5 " Bore, 3" Rod; 28" Stroke
Motor / Electrical: 20 HP; 3 PH; 60hz 3,450 rpm TEFC; 208/230/460
Cycle Time: 24 Seconds
Pump: Vane Type
Overall Height: 111"
Width 101"
Depth (with Door Open) 93"
Loading Door Height: 47"
Door Opening: 28" x 72"
Ejection Hydraulic
Bale Tying: Wire or Banding
Shipping Height: 88"
Shipping Weight: 6,400 lbs.
Req. Installation & Operating Area: 69 S.F.


72" High Speed Vertical Baler Diagram - (72-HSVB)

High Speed Baler Diagram - 72 Inch