Prevent Marine Debris

Shorelines and coastal waters are witnessing a growing problem of marine debris. Marine debris is any man-made item that enters the ocean or coastline from the land or water. The coastlines are popular places to live, work, vacation, and engage in recreational activities and as a result the level of debris is increasing resulting in a contamination of the environment.

Marine debris is typically the result of poor waste management from human activities – both municipal and industrial. The debris very often includes a high percentage of recyclable items such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, and aluminum cans. By making waste collection and recycling more convenient along coastal areas, the likelihood of these items ending up in the water is greatly reduced.

Mismanagement of waste and recycling collection will also contribute to marine debris as overflowing containers scatter their belongings along the ground. Municipalities play an important role by ensuring that trash and recycling receptacles are covered, secured, and frequently emptied.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Whether your working or vacationing along the coastline, take a moment and make sure you’re properly disposing of your waste and recyclables. Keeping the marine environment clean makes it enjoyable and profitable for all!