Construction Waste Regulations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has regulations and guidelines pertaining to waste disposal for construction and demolition businesses. These policies and best-practices apply to organizations of all sizes who are engaged in construction, rehabilitation or demolition/deconstruction of residential, industrial and commercial buildings or engineering projects for municipalities such as  roads, schools, and utility infrastructures.

While the EPA provides federal regulations and guidelines, all business additionally need to follow their respective state’s environmental regulations. In some cases, individual state’s will have policies that are identical to those at the federal level but for some the regulations are more stringent.

To assist business owners, the EPA makes available an easy to understand compliance section which breaks down most materials such as concrete, metals, glass, wood, and salvaged building parts, and provides recycling and reduction opportunities for each one.  The page can be viewed at: .

Reducing and recycling most construction materials helps to reduce the amount of landfill space municipalities need, lessens the environmental impact for all that live in the community, stimulates “green” jobs, and can positively impact a businesses project expenses through avoiding disposal costs.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business is construction, the EPA and your state environmental protection agency is your go-to resource for disposal and recycling of C&D materials.