Solid Waste Safety

The solid waste business is made up of three different groups: Those businesses who focus on waste collection; those businesses in the areas of treatment and disposal of waste; and then another group which focuses on specialty forms of waste.There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who work in the solid waste business and as with any dangerous job or manual labor, injuries can occur.

The key to success for any solid waste business  is to focus on injury prevention. It is essential that employees are routinely exposed to health and safety programs particularly those which include recognizing hazards and developing good personal safety practices.

What are some things your business can do to reduce employee injury and time off the job?
• Take advantage of federal and state health and safety programs and then add in your own personalized training.
• Create a culture that values safety – from the President to the entry-level worker.
• Have workers and managers meet routinely to discuss safety concerns.
• See how your business compares to the industry standards.
• Use equipment such as automatic lifting and collection devices to limit overexertion exposures.
• Have training for all new employees and periodic review for all individuals.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Employee health and safety is everyone’s business. Injuries and sickness impact your bottom line so make sure all workers are well trained!