Pennsylvania County Hit Recycling Record

Lancaster County, Pennsylvanie, located in the southeastern corner of the state, recently announced that for 2012 the county hit a record high waste recycling rate of forty three percent. This is the highest amount recorded for recycling of municipal solid waste for both businesses and residential residents. The boost in recycling was most apparent in the areas of food scrap and organic waste composting, metal recycling in the commercial sector, e-waste and electronics collection, and hazardous and toxic chemical waste. Lancaster County sends only two percent of its waste to regional landfills. Most bulk waste is transported to a waste-to-energy processing plant.

County administrators cite the increase in recycling is due to a collaborative effort between government officials, residents, and local businesses. Consistent outreach and education efforts targeted at improving the proper disposal of hazardous waste and electronics waste, as well as the economic value in food composting and metals recycling are starting to bring results. The county hopes that this is just the first in record breaking recycling rates and is planning for ways to increase its rate for 2013.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Recycling is a habit and like any habit, needs time and practice in order to become a daily routine. If you’re looking to save money and increasing your recycling rate, start by making small changes and getting everyone involved. Once your employees get on the recycling kick they won’t ever go back to their wasteful ways!