Cities Increase Organic Waste Recycling Efforts

The city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada is making plans to double its organic waste and food scrap collection efforts in the next few years. City waste and recycling administrators have set a goal of diverting close to fifty thousand tons of waste from regional landfills yearly once they hit peak operating capacity. The city is also exploring the construction of a new transfer station devoted exclusively to organic materials collection, processing, and composting efforts. Discussions with environmentally conscious architectural firms and engineers are currently underway.

In 2011, the city estimates it collected close to twenty six thousand tons of organic waste material from Vancouver residents. As more residents participate and the organic waste collection is expanded to include businesses and apartment dwellers, the yearly amount collected will double.

City administrators are hoping to have the both the building project and the enhanced collection efforts completed and in place for the upcoming year.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Food and organic waste is something every human being generates and as a result takes up quite a bit of space in our landfills. Think about how much of this kind of waste you put in the garbage at work or home – you might be surprised how much! Developing alternate ways to recycle and compost food waste is a great way to cut trash disposal costs and reduce your environmental burden!