Scrap Tire Disposal Regulations: Alabama

If your business is involved with the collection, disposal, or processing of scrap tires in the state of Alabama, it’s essential that familiarity be had with the state regulations that exist since the passing of the Scrap Tire Environmental Quality Act. This policy regulates all aspects of scrap tires and ensures money for the cleanup of illegal dumped tire piles. To fund the cleanup of dumped tires, a one dollar service charge is placed on all new tires sold.

Whether the scrap tires are being disposed of in an approved landfill or if they are being re-sold for the manufacturing of recycled good or materials, the law details steps that are required to be administered and performed in order to stay in compliance with the state.

All receivers of scrap tires must be registered with the state and receive an assigned registration number. There are requirement for the keeping of records, storage, and how the one dollar fee should be collected and paid to the revenue division.

Businesses that are responsible for the transportation or processing of scrap tires must also apply for and be approved for a state permit. Permits are good for a period of three to five years depending on classification.

Using the one dollar fees collected from consumers, the state provides contracts to approved contractors to clean illegal scrap tire dumps. More information is available through the state’s environmental management department on how to be selected as an approved contractor.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Scrap Tires are a big problem but they don’t have to be is you follow the rules established and look for outside manufacturing sources interested in purchasing them to make new materials.