Company Expands Waste Recycling of Cardboard Boxes

A small, independent business focusing on cardboard reuse company was recently awarded grant money for expansion through Chase Bank and the popular website, Living Social. reclaims used cardboard boxes, re-purposes them, and then makes them available for resale.  Their grant award was $250,000 to help with expansion and outreach. The business purchases substantial quantities of no longer wanted boxes from manufacturers. then re-sells the boxes to individuals and other businesses for less than the price of new materials. Manufacturers have been eager to sell their unwanted boxes as it reduces waste disposal fees and relives them of the responsibility of recycling the cardboard.

In addition to receiving cash, twelve other small businesses were also winners. These included EcoScraps, a food waste recycling business focusing on compost and lawn and outdoor products; and PlanetReuse, an online marketplace for reclaimed building and construction materials.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Making money from waste recycling requires “out of the box” thinking like! Whether you’re starting a new business or firmly established take a look for new ways to turn what’s in your waste disposal container into cash! You might be surprised what new ideas you can come up with.