Mandatory Waste Recycling in Massachusetts Town

The town of Arlington, Massachusetts has recently enacted an ordinance for limiting the amount for residential trash collection and mandating waste recycling.

The new rule, which went into effect in early September of 2012, states that residents are required to limit waste disposal to no more than three garbage barrels or 100 gallons and that recycled material must be put out on the curb in order to have the trash picked up.

During the initial month of the new procedure, JRM Hauling and Recycling, which handles all waste collection for the town, will issues stickers on uncollected garbage stating that trash was not picked up due to lack of compliance with the new rule. However, after the trial month is complete, those homes failing to follow the volume limits or recycling requirement will be fined.

Arlington has offered weekly recycling services to residents but hopes the mandatory requirement will provide the push to ensure full participation.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: More and more municipalities are moving in the direction of limits in waste disposal and mandatory waste recycling. What are you doing at home and work to prepare for these possible changes? Being prepared will help to save you money – both then and now!