Waste Materials Trading Website

A new auction-style website designed to connect buyers and sellers of waste materials has launched online as part of the European Pathway to Zero Waste.

Based in the United Kingdom, the Waste Producer Exchange the site allows sellers to post information and photos of waste materials available for purchase or bidding. This new  source for buying and selling of waste recycling materials website has generated over 150 commercial accounts since launching earlier this year.

The goal of Waste Producer Exchange is to keep recyclable materials our of landfills and provide an additional revenue stream for waste collectors.  Currently, the site accepts listings for plastics, metals, textiles, leather, rubber, electronics, wood, glass, food waste, oil, cardboard, batteries, and minerals.

The system is comparable to eBay, where recyclable materials are offered on the site, and the bidding process begins. Once a price for the materials is agreed upon the payment is handled directly. By keeping the buying and selling process simple, it is easier for sellers to list their materials and buyers and manufacturers to find materials at a price within their budget.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: When it comes to waste recycling and waste disposal, innovation is the key. What can your business do to turn waste into dollars?