Stay Cool at Work and Home

Whether you’re relaxing at home or busy at work, there are some special tips to consider during the summer months to help you reduce energy costs and protect the health of your family and employees.

A few things to consider:

1. Energy Star and smart cooling: Did you know that upwards of 20 percent of your utility bill is spent on cooling? This can be even higher depending on your industry sector. A few tips for managing cooling expenses include using Energy Star appliances and lighting and raising the thermostat temperature by two degrees in areas that do not require a specific setting.

2. Use gas wisely: Drive the speed limit; avoid rapid accelerations and quick braking; don’t carry unnecessary weight and eliminating engine idling will improve your gas consumption rates.

3. Working outdoors? Use insect repellents: Depending on your location, mosquitoes and ticks can be a major health concern during the warm weather months. Help to keep your family and workers safe by making sure proper insect repellent is used when working outside.

4. Don’t waste water: A large amount of water is used outdoors for commercial and residential landscaping and when smart watering techniques are ignored, you’re letting money float down the drain! Consider using weather-based automatic sprinkler systems or watering early in the morning.

5. Test indoor air: When temperatures rise, more time is spent indoors. Make sure your ventilation system is properly working, free of dust and debris, and without mold or moisture. A properly working system is more efficient and will ensure good air quality for all occupying the space.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Whether you’re at work or home, take the time to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. You’ll not only enjoy the summer more but save money at the same time!