Build Green and Reduce Waste

Green architecture’s primary objective is to reduce energy, water, and materials waste during construction with an overarching goal of reducing the amount of construction waste ending up in landfills. Buildings that are designed using green architecture principles also reduce the amount of energy used and waste generated by incorporating solutions such as maximizing natural lighting and on-site compost bins.

In an effort to reduce the amount of construction wood that ends up in landfills, Neutral Alliance offers resources for any interested person or business needing information on wood recycling and reclaiming building materials. Extending the life of wood and other building materials reduces the need for landfill space while providing affordable, needed materials to those individuals and businesses with limited incomes.

Green architecture also incorporates solutions to lessen the impact on waster sources. Some of these include greywater re-use systems and rainwater collection to reduce demand for water as well as on-site biological waste collection systems that are used in the creation of fertilizer. Both have show effective in reducing the load placed on central sewer systems and water sources.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Building green starts with a thoughtful, well designed plan. Before your next residential or commercial construction project, consult with a green architect or learn more about the topic. By incorporating these practices you can reduce your costs for waste disposal and help to preserve the environment.