What is Green Building?

Green building, which is also called sustainable building or green construction, is used to describe a residential or commercial building that utilizes resource-efficient and environmentally responsible practices throughout all stages of the building’s creation.  This includes the design process, actual construction, daily operation and maintenance, and any renovation or deconstruction work that takes place.

As green building is a very popular topic with increased demand in construction and renovation project, new practices and technologies are constantly being generated. However, whether the practice or product is new or old, the common objective for all green buildings is that they reduce their impact on the environment and human health contributing to a better quality of life.

These enhancements are done by considering the following:

  • Efficiently using resources such as water and energy
  • Protecting the health of residents or employees utilizing the building
  • Reducing all waste and pollution generated by the building and inhabitants

Green building is designed to meet the residential and commercial needs of the present generation without degrading the environment for future generations.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Green building is in demand. Has your business opened its doors to this important development? Both your bank account and the environment can benefit from it!