U.S.- Mexico Border Waste Initiatives

If you live or do business along the border of the United States and Mexico you may be interested in getting involved with the Border 2012 Environmental Program.This is a collaboration between the Mexico and the U.S. to address and re-mediate the deteriorating environmental conditions in the area and protect and enhance the quality of life and health for the 12 million people of both countries who live and work in the region.

Border 2012 encourages stakeholder involvement through a variety of opportunities for both individuals, civic and non-profit groups, and businesses of all sizes. The group focuses on environmental improvements that can be made at the community-level and how seemingly small changes can impact a larger region.

While each community has different immediate concerns, there are six overarching goals that apply to all areas along the border. These goals are:

1. Reduce the Contamination of Water Sources
2. Air Pollution Reduction
3. Reduce the Contamination of the Land
4. Improve Overall Environmental Health
5. Improve Preparedness for Environmental Emergencies
6. Enhance Stewardship of all Environmental Areas

Task forces are set up in each area including residents, government, community groups, and business stakeholders so that all parties have say in addressing the issues and planning and enacting the solutions.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you live, work, or do business in the border area, get involved in the work of Border 2012 – it will not only help to improve the quality of life of your employees and family but the environment as well.