Green Building Myths

If you’re a homeowner considering environmentally friendly renovations or a home builder thinking about utilizing more green design and construction practice, you’ve probably heard quite a few opinions about what’s good and not-so-good to do. Here are a few of the most persistent myths about green-building practices.

1. Going Green is Expensive
True, some green materials can cost more but you also have to consider that a penny spent today can result is a dollar saved tomorrow in terms of energy costs. The costs for electricity and home heating and cooling will only rise over time. Energy efficiency today will save you over the years.

2. Green Products are Poor Substitutes
Did you know that the new low, flush toilets work better than the old, water wasting ones they replace? Sure, some cutting-edge new products may not be 100% problem free, but those that have been around for some time tend to work equally as well if not better than their non-green counterparts.

3. Green is Only About Energy Conservation
Energy conservation is a major concern with green building, but so is the health and well-being of the humans inhabiting or working within the structure as well as the environmental impact on the surrounding community.

4. Changing Windows Always Saves You Money
No necessarily true! Take a look at your current windows – ones installed within the last 20 years are still very efficient and may not result in any great savings if replaced.

5. You Need Solar Panels
Generating solar electricity is very popular right now but solar hot water heaters result in great savings at a lower cost. Do your research before you buy and see if it’s the best way to be efficient.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: It pays to be informed about the best practices in green building, renovations, and home energy solutions. Do the math before you invest to make sure it’s the right solution for you and your family!