Markets for Recycling

Are you a state or local official wanting to know more about market development initiatives for recycling? Read more for a quick overview of the resources available for those interested in moving into the recycling business as well as some of the economic benefits of this enterprise.

The market for recycled products has three stages:
1) collecting the specific recycable materials
2) manufacturing the new, recycled-content product
3) selling new products

Recycling markets are an important part of business and economic development and can contribute greatly to any community as individuals are employed at all three stages of the process.

Establishing new markets for recycled goods is important to the long-term success of any recycling process. Without a market for recycled goods, there is minimal reason to collect the recycled items and manufacture new products with them.

Some of the items that have been successfully collected and manufactured into new products to be sold through recycled markets include:
Consumer Electronics
Organic waste (including food, yard, and wood)
Scrap Tires
Used Cooking Oil
Automotive Parts

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Think outside the box and create revenue from your waste and recycled good streams. Your business community and the environment will be better because of it!