Hazardous Waste Management for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner who generates small amounts of hazardous waste? The EPA has issued a manual to assist you with regulations for hazardous waste management that apply to businesses of your size. Federal and state waste regulations can often be difficult to understand, but compliance is essential. However, generators of small amounts of hazardous waste often have different policies to follow than those businesses generating significant amounts.

This manual, which can be located on the EPA’s website, helps you to understand your responsibilities. While it is not a substitute for the actual laws and regulations, it’s a great place to start to develop and understanding of what you need to do with the amount of hazardous waste you generate.

Generators of hazardous waste are classified into three categories based on the total amount of waste produced each year. Most small businesses would be classified in the small quantity category and conditionally exempt from certain regulations. However, the size of the business and total amount of hazardous waste produce is never an excuse for not complying with the regulations! Failure to do so can result in fines and possible legal action.

While the manual provides thorough details about federal regulations as they apply to small businesses, business owners are also required to comply with state and local regulations. If you are producing small quantities of hazardous materials, be sure to contact your state’s environmental protection agency to ensure that your disposal and waste management techniques are approved and that you’re following good environmental practices.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Whether you’re a large producer of hazardous waste or a small one, complying with regulations for management and disposal is essential – not just for protecting the environment, but for protecting the reputation of your business!