Recycling Tips for Home and Work

Most people see the value in recycling¬†and¬†want to do more – but it isn’t always easy to get started and create a habit. Here are five quick tips that you can try at home and at the office:

1. Make an announcement that you care about recycling. Get the family or employees involved. Place designated recycling bins in convenient locations so everyone will remember.

2. Purchase recycled goods. Whether it’s copy paper, re-usable shopping bags, or materials for construction, investigate items that are manufactured with recycled materials.

3. Be selective! Look for items that use limited amounts of packaging. And try items that are re-usable like cloth napkins instead of paper ones.

4. Get in the habit of thinking before throwing. Can the item that’s about to be thrown away be recycled, re-used, or donated?

5. Contact your local transfer station or recycling center and learn exactly what materials they accept for recycling. Ask questions about where items they do not accept may be welcomed.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Recycling is a habit just like exercise, flossing your teeth, or eating well – you need to give yourself time and keep track of your progress. With time and dedication your home or business will be recycling more, generating less waste, and making the environment a better place.